Powered by Imagination

Playforest is a unique combination of modern family gathering place and integrative, hands-on children’s learning center – with the whimsical spirit of an adventure down a Pacific Northwest trail.

Our materials and activities are curated by two early childhood educators drawing on the art and science of authentic, imaginative play.

Built for Families

Raising children is a complicated journey, best undertaken with the friendship of fellow parents! Playforest is a place to meet other families and allow children time to fulfill their developing social needs with their peers.

As of 2/24/24 Playforest no longer sells tickets at the door (“walk-in tickets”). Please be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time to be sure that you can be admitted to your desired play time.

We are currently offering our Open Play Day Pass which provides access to morning Open Play (doors open at 9 am) and also allows you to return for free to play later that same day!

We also are now offering a new Afternoon Open Play pass that allows you to visit Playforest starting at 12 noon for a reduced ticket price!

Inspired Play, Thoughtful Events, and more!

Make a playdate with old friends or join a weekly reserved playgroup to meet new ones. Browse our curated selection of awesome family goods or get tickets to attend one of our upcoming shows and classes.


Playforest works by providing a thoughtfully designed space that inspires your little one’s innate process of experimentation!  While you’re here you’ll dig and discover in our beach sand, interact with airflow using our wind tunnel, explore our interactive light tools and so much more.

Experiential learning is what children are built to do. This authentic play is fulfilling to their whole being and leads them to discover everything that makes the world around them spin.