What is Sensory Play?

Big Adventures in Little Lands

The Sensory Lab is a blank canvas for imaginary play!
Here, a texture becomes the start of a tale, or a scent is the perfect invitation for self-expression. Our lab includes a seasonally-inspired natural medium – irresistible to little hands – along with our favorite tools and curated accessories guaranteed to spark inspiration.

fine motor skills flourish with play

Scoop and pour to fill a bowl, pinch and place to rearrange the landscape – every bit of handwork in The Sensory Lab is designed to introduce and refine the manual dexterity that young children must exercise as they progress into pre-writing and beyond.

gather around the table

While your child is busy with their rich experimental romp in The Sensory Lab, you might catch a glimpse of the social skill development that spontaneously occurs! While engaged in quality play, children practice navigating social cooperation with peers.