A Space Built for Authentic Play

Playforest was built to share deep, imaginative play experiences with families in our community. Our tools and environment are carefully designed to be catalysts for spontaneous creative play.

Our space is designed and run by early childhood educators with a passion for hands-on, play-based learning.

Read on to learn more about our philosophy and how it supports the growth of confident, inventive thinkers.

What is Play-Based Learning?

For young children, play fulfills a biologically encoded need to process the world around them. Through trial and error, experimentation, and hands-on interaction children are discovering the laws of nature. This type of play is a requirement for developing humans to unfold as designed.

The most developmentally appropriate play is child-led (allows for the child to express their individual process), full of sensory experience, and designed for free hands-on interaction.

Children also need time dedicated to social play to understand the boundaries of peer interaction. Observing other children, parallel play, and finally interactive play with peers all need to be practiced before children are confident with them.


How Playforest Supports Children

We are deeply committed to creating a joyful, relaxing family experience that engages young children.

Our space – from the beautiful forest theme to the curated collection of the best open-ended tools for learning – is purpose-built as a calm, focusing laboratory for kids.

We use high-quality toys made from natural materials with a focus on “loose parts play” (play that invites children to experiment with objects in inventive ways).

Playforest is also our love letter to the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest! The natural world is an endlessly fascinating teacher for children and we incorporate nature-based objects throughout our space to encourage this peaceful sense of wonder.

(P.S. Playforest is quickly becoming a social scene for parents as well!)



Playforest is the newest hangout for social family fun and hands-on learning!

Get your tickets today to join us at our new location in SE Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood and experience our educator-designed play environment.

We are powered by the magical energy of play, inspired by the rhythm of nature, and on a mission to design and build the best children’s spaces ever!

Tickets available online for free play where your child can explore our inspiring, deeply interactive space.

3777 SE Milwaukie Ave

Portland, OR 97202

(503) 954-2280

Open Play Hours

Monday – Friday

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday*

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

*Weekends after 2PM reserved for private events.
(Contact us for information on reserving.)

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