Birthdays at Playforest

We would be honored to host your little one’s next special day at Playforest! We built Playforest to be a joyous family space for the community we live in and we really care about the experience of each family who chooses us for a special event.

Playforest provides a beautiful, modern space for your party – built to engage children. Your party rental includes full use of our curated selection of open-ended, imaginative play materials. We are at an awesome, friendly Sellwood neighborhood location and fully indoors – great for rainy day parties!


As of Fall 2022 we are super excited to once again be offering private rental availability for birthdays!

Renting Playforest for your child’s next birthday is an easy process with just a few important rules to follow.

Below you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently answered questions about renting our fun and educational space.

For more, please don’t hesitate to contact our owners below. We are a small, family-run business and are always happy to help.

For all inquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Call Brittany     971-998-7672

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Frequently Asked Questions

Playforest is primarily designed for children birth - 4 years old and our space is built with their size in mind.

Children older than 4 may attend but - for everyone's safety - we ask that they do not climb our play structures and that adults in attendance monitor them to ensure that they gently play with our materials.

That being said - older children often make great facilitators and inspire younger children with their imaginative play!

Playforest party reservations are for 2 hours. Please remember to give yourself around 15 minutes for both setup and goodbyes / party take down.

Renting our space and materials for your party costs $325.

When booking a party, we will collect a non-refundable $200 deposit payment that will be applied to your total. The remaining $125 is collected upon arrival on the day of the event.

We will provide you with information on how to make your deposit payment  when you contact us.

Should something unforeseen occur that causes an unfortunate need to reschedule your party, we will always make every effort to work with you to find a suitable available replacement date / time.

For your party, Playforest will mostly be setup as usual - with various activity areas throughout purpose-built for imaginative play.

Our front desk counter is perfect to display photos, signs, and theme decorations with ample room for a spread of snacks, beverages, and cake.

We ask that children eat only on this designated half of the space so that staff know where to give extra cleaning attention.

We set up 2 kid-sized picnic tables for children eating and a cute small wooden table perfect for cake, happy birthday song, and photographs of the special moment!

Due to space limitations, there are no tables for adults to sit and eat so we do allow adult guests to carefully eat throughout the space. Please be mindful not to leave food and drink in areas that children can reach or spill.

Nut free foods only.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited. A $500 fine will be charged if alcohol is brought on the Playforest premises.

We ask that children eat only on the designated half of the space (we will ensure that you understand the layout before your event) so that staff know where to give extra cleaning attention.

Adults are welcome to eat mindfully throughout the entire space.

Please bring:

  • Nut-free snack foods
  • Kid and adult friendly beverages (no alcohol allowed)
  • Ice and drink container / cooler if desired
  • Decorations of your choice
  • Tape or other material to hang decorations without marking walls.
  • Napkins, utensils as needed. Don't forget a knife for cake cutting!

In addition to all of our carefully-selected play materials, Playforest will provide:

  • Speaker system with Spotify for music
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Cleaning supplies

Our first and most important rule is that all children must be accompanied by and supervised by adult caregivers at all times, without exception!

Playforest is designed for children birth - 4 years and these children are welcome to play safely with any of our materials.

Older children may engage in gentle play with our materials but are not allowed to climb our play structures and must be monitored to ensure they are safely and respectfully interacting with our space, materials, and the other children.

For safety and sanitary reasons all children must wear clean grippy socks while in Playforest. If a child does not have a pair of suitable grippy socks, Playforest staff can provide pairs at a cost of $2/pair. Shoes are not allowed for children Adults are strongly encouraged to remove their shoes and wear socks only as well.

Our digital waiver must be completed for each child in attendance and adults agree to monitor to ensure that all safety rules described therein are being observed.

Please screen all children for symptoms of illness prior to attendance. For the health of everyone involved, children with signs of communicable sickness may not attend a Playforest birthday.

When you arrive for your birthday, Playforest will already be clean, tidy, and arranged.

During and/or after the event we ask that you assist us by tidying up to a reasonable extent but please go ahead and leave the cleaning to us!

Most guests find that planning for approximately 15 minutes for both setup and goodbyes / take down works well.

Ready to book your party or have a question we didn’t cover? We love birthdays and we’d be very happy to help with the special day!

Call Brittany     971-998-7672

Email Playforest