Birthdays with Ease and Joy

We would be honored to host your little one’s next special day at Playforest! We built Playforest to be a joyous family space for the community we live in and we really care about the experience of each family who chooses us for a special event.

Playforest provides a beautiful, modern space for your party – built to engage children. Your party rental includes full use of our curated selection of open-ended, imaginative play materials. We are at a convenient, friendly Brooklyn neighborhood location and fully indoors – great for rainy day parties.

Relax and enjoy celebrating your child’s special day with a party at Playforest!


Questions about Playforest Birthday Parties?

Get all the details about our awesome birthday event space below!

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How many guests are allowed to attend?

Playforest Birthday Parties allow admission for up to 20 children along with up to 40 adults. If less children are attending you may choose to add additional adults to your party but no more than 20 children maximum are allowed. All children must be accompanied by an adult caregiver who is solely responsible for monitoring their child.

What is the price of a Playforest Birthday Party?

Private birthday parties at Playforest cost $450 total. At the time of booking, a deposit of $200 is due in order to complete the transaction and reserve the date. Party reservations are not guaranteed to be held until this deposit is paid. After this deposit is complete, the remaining balance of $300 is due on-site at Playforest at the beginning of the party. Please see a Playforest staff member at our front desk to complete this payment. Deposit payments are to be paid online by credit card through our party reservation page at the time of purchase. Debit/credit card and cash are accepted methods of payment for the on-site balance payment.

Are there special house rules at birthday parties?

Guests are expected to follow the rules in place at Playforest during regular Open Play hours. A Playforest staff member will always be available before and during your event should you need clarification on any specific regulations.

The following additional rules apply during private events such as birthday parties:

  • Playforest is not licensed at this time to allow alcoholic beverages to be served or consumed. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during birthday parties.
  • Each playing child must be accompanied by a an adult caregiver who takes responsibility for monitoring that particular child for safety.
How do setup and clean up work?

Your party reservation includes a 30 minute time block for setup. During this period your group will have exclusive access to our space to arrange and decorate for your event. A Playforest staff member will be on-site and available to assist you.

We encourage you to bring decorations of your choosing to customize our space to your little ones chosen party theme!

As you near the end of your 2 hour party time we appreciate your consideration in tidying the space a small amount but Playforest staff will always be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing after the event. You can help by consolidating any trash and recycling and returning some play materials to their stations.

We ask that you courteously remain aware of the time and end your event on time. We are happy to assist you in wrapping up your party and you don’t need to worry about being out of the building promptly at the 2 hour mark! We just humbly ask that you help us by making guests aware when it’s time to start winding things down.

What are the rules for food during parties?

Playforest does not allow outside food to be eaten during normal Open Play hours however outside food IS allowed during birthday parties.

We will provide plenty of counter space and/or tables for your food and beverages. Garbage and recycling receptacles are always available.

Playforest is not a nut-free or gluten-free space. You may serve items containing nuts and gluten.

We ask that adults remain aware of where children are eating during parties. All food must be consumed at the tables located on the tan concrete floors during the party. It is very important for safety and sanitary concerns that food is never eaten in the play areas. The on-site Playforest staff member will indicate to you where food is allowed during check-in.

is alcohol allowed during birthday parties?

Playforest does not currently have a liquor serving license and alcohol is never allowed to be consumed on the premises, including during birthday parties.

What do party guests need to know?

All guests with playing children must complete a waiver before their children are allowed to play. We highly recommend that guests complete the waiver online ahead of time to save time and queues during the event. The adult who booked the event is responsible to ensure that all guests are made aware of this rule.

Does Playforest have snacks and merchandise available for sale during a party?

Sure! In general, a Playforest staff member remains on-site during your event and would be happy to sell any of our snacks and beverages as well as the retail merchandise available in our shopping area. In the event that the staff member steps out during a party, please feel free to set aside your merchandise to purchase when the staff member is available.

Are there any special add-on services (decor, goodie bags, activities, etc.) available?

At this time, add-on services (balloon arches, catering, activities, theme additions, etc.) are available through special request only. As we further develop our birthday party system, these additions will be available for selection during our online booking process.

For now, please contact us to discuss any special add-on requests and we will let you know what we think!

What amenities are available for use at birthday parties?

The following amenities are included for guest use during birthday parties:

  • Sound system with tablet to control streaming music through Spotify.
  • Free WiFi
  • Trash and recycling service

Didn’t find the answers that you are looking for? Have a special request? Please feel free to contact us and we’d love to help!

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($450 • 2 hour duration • Approx 3800 sq ft!)