(Effective 10/1/23)

  • All playing children must wear a pair or skid-resistant (grippy) socks while at Playforest. You may bring a pair from home or purchase a high-quality pair at the Playforest front desk for $4/pair. Adults will continue to be asked to remove shoes but grippy socks are not required for adults.
  • No outside food is allowed to be eaten at Playforest. This is an important rule to address a variety of safety concerns (chief amongst these being allergic reactions and choking hazards). If dietary restrictions or other factors necessitate that you bring outside food for your child, please contact us ahead of time or speak to a staff member at the front desk and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs. We will be continuing to enhance our selection of healthy snack items over the coming season to provide for the widest range of diets possible.

As of October we put some previously planned rules into effect as we brought the Summer Preview season to a close. We have slowly implemented some of these rules and given a grace period to our wonderful community so as not to inconvenience anyone. As of November we will be posting additional signage that clearly highlights these policies so that we can all be on the same page.

Thank you so much for being respectful of these rules when you are visiting us at Playforest. Your family’s safety and comfort are what guides all of our decisions in regards to customer rules.

If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations – please contact us with your feedback at hello@playforestkids.com.

For more policies, please check out the FAQ on our Plan Your Visit page.


Brittany and Geoff